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Join the Party


We invite you to join the Liberal movement.

At the 2016 Biennial Convention in Winnipeg, we adopted a new party constitution. With this constitution, our party has taken a bold step that will help us build the most open, innovative, and effective political movement in Canadian history.

Today’s politics demands a more open approach than ever before in how we engage Canadians and their ideas, and we also need to update how our party works together to earn Canadians’ trust and support.

Why join?

  • Shape our country’s future the way YOU want
  • Meet terrific people
  • Get informed about the issues that matter

The new constitution opens up the Liberal Party of Canada and removes the $10 barrier to participation by making registration free.  It also opens up our policy process – making it more flexible and interactive for all Liberals to participate in.

We encourage you to register as a Liberal today:,  or call 1 888 LIBERAL
(542-3725)  to confirm you are registered.

As a registered Liberal you will be connected to our work through newsletters about important events, and you will have the right to attend, speak and vote when Liberals meet in our riding, provincially or at national conventions. You will be able to shape Liberal policy.

Please consider donating in lieu of membership fees

A little bit helps the Party a lot!

After a tax credit, your monthly Victory Fund donation will cost as low as $2.50 per month – every contribution helps!

Becoming a regular donor is the most effective way to support Raj and the Liberal Party locally and nationally. Your Victory Fund donation will help build a stable revenue base in Kitchener Centre and at the national level. Together, let’s build a strong movement from the ground up!

To become a Victory Fund Donor or update your donation visit,  call 1-888-LIBERAL (542-3725) , or contact us and we will mail you a donation form.