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Dear Friends,

It has been over two years since Raj Saini was elected as the Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre.  Throughout this time, Raj’s tireless dedication and the sincerity of his efforts on behalf of the people of Kitchener Centre has characterized his work as our MP. Equally outstanding is his commitment to representing this riding in the House of Commons while working for Canadians here and abroad as a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development and the
Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics. As a result, volunteering with the Kitchener Centre Federal Liberal Association (KCFLA) to assist and support Raj continues to be a truly rewarding experience. There are a number of ways the KCFLA strengthens existing relationships and finds new ways to connect our community with their MP and the Liberal Party.

In particular, this past summer the members of this Association were promoting the great work of the Liberal Party of Canada at our region’s major community events such as Tri-Pride, KW Multicultural, Kultrun World Music, Eid Al Fitr, Non-Violence, Link Picnic, Eid Al Adha and the Aboriginal Pow Wow.  Our volunteers also took part in three national Liberal Party Days of Action through door-to-door canvassing with Raj during a mid-term check-in with his constituents.  Other volunteers have been undertaking community outreach activities, especially with members of the riding’s indigenous and diverse ethnic
communities.  Finally, we enjoyed connecting with all of you at our annual KCFLA summer picnic in cooperation with our
provincial cousins, and later the second election victory anniversary party in November.

Since the last federal election, and as we prepare for the October 2019 federal election (20 months away!), the KCFLA has continued to develop our base of organized, energetic, positive, and committed volunteers. It is a tremendous pleasure
and also a lot of fun working with this team.  If you are looking for a rewarding volunteer experience,
please contact us at – there is something for everyone.

An additional or alternative way to help Raj prepare for the next federal election campaign is through financial donations to the KCFLA and the Liberal Party of Canada.  Being a Victory Fund donor is one of the most effective ways of supporting Liberals locally and nationally because your donation can be shared between both. For as little as $10 per month you can provide Raj’s campaign fund with a steady income in preparation for the next election. For more information and to sign up visit

Finally, it is my pleasure as the incoming Chair of the KCFLA Board of Directors to extend our sincere thank-you to Christine Purdon for her efforts since the 2015 election as the President of KCFLA. And a big thank-you to everyone who has either volunteered with or made a donation to support our Liberal movement here in Kitchener Centre.

Gordon Greavette
Chair, KCFLA