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Dear Friends,

To celebrate Volunteer Week, on April 25 Raj Saini and the KCFLA are hosting a meet and greet for volunteers, members, and supporters. This event is intended to reunite the dedicated group of people whose hard work and commitment led to a successful election outcome and to welcome the members who have joined us since that time. Please join us if you can!

Planning this event has led us to reminisce about the campaign that brought us together. There were eleven Saturdays in that campaign and we got to know each other very well. It hummed through eleven weeks of Romy’s famous Thursday hot pots and Raj’s daily samosas and barbeque lunches before the canvass teams went out. Our impressive sign team organized itself in the back and there was a meeting space upstairs that was in constant use for volunteer orientation. Our office staff and volunteer coordinators kept everyone on track while our tireless campaign manager orchestrated our efforts with masterful precision. One exciting day Paul Martin visited and in addition to high praise for Raj he declared our space to be the nicest campaign office he had ever been in. Raj of course had earned the compliments and the office was fabulous – mostly, that is; it did not have a real kitchen, so we all have cherished memories of washing the dishes in the bathroom sink.

What comes to my mind most frequently, though, are Raj’s Saturday speeches. Every week before the barbeque Raj would gather us around and give us a heartfelt thanks for our work. The speeches addressed different topical issues each week, but one constant was that he always said that this effort was never about him, it was about us and the other citizens of Kitchener Centre. He would say that he got his energy from us and that whenever he felt tired on the campaign trail he reminded himself that if we were working to help him he owed it to us to do everything within his power to make our efforts pay off. This ethic characterizes Raj’s work as an elected member and volunteering to assist him is thus as truly rewarding now as it was then.

Since the election, the KCFLA has continued to develop our base of organized, energetic, positive, and committed volunteers. It is a tremendous pleasure working with this team and it is a lot of great fun to boot. If you are looking for rewarding volunteer work let us know –

Warmest wishes this spring,

Christine Purdon
President, KCFLA